A1 Starburst - Firework display pack

49 AERIAL FIREWORKS. Contains 12 cakes, 9 candles and 28 rockets! The A1 Starburst display is ideal for the smaller party where you want nothing but aerial fireworks and no Catherine wheels! But don't be deceived it still packs a mighty punch!


49 AERIAL FIREWORKS These Aerial Packs are designed if you need all of your fireworks in the sky with no wheels and what a start with the starbursts!


4 x APACHE WARHEADS assorted colour & effects

1 x FAIRIES FROM HELL 25 shot sky blue mine cake

2 x TYPHOON ROCKETS superb bursts with mixed effects

1 x 25mm SILVER COMET CANDLES 8 shot silver soaring fireballs

1 x GREEN EYED MONSTER 64 shots of crackle with wicked green bursts

1 x PEARL PARADISE 8 shots crackling

2 x STRIKE FORCE wonderful new style and effects with great performance

3 x XORCET ROCKETS powerful shellbursts of colour

1 x BLACK WIDOW 19 shots of loud crackling gold stars

1 x THE MATADOR 16 shot silver tail with crackling bouquet

1 x ALIEN BOMBARD 64 shots all action screeches and bangs

2 x XORCET ROCKETS powerful shellbursts of colour

1 x PEARL PARADISE 8 shot whistle

1 x 140 SHOT CANDLE BARRAGE green stars to around 70feet

1 x TARANTULA 19 shots of white, silver & crackling comets

3 x APACHE WARHEADS assorted colour & effects

1 x MARTIAN ATTACK 102 shots of colour stars to reports with quickened finale

1 x PEARL PARADISE 5 shot silver swirls with coloured pearls

5 x SKY MISSILES rockets in assorted effects and colours

1 x FLYING FISH 20 shot silver flying fish effect

1 x PEARL PARADISE 8 shot colour pearls

1 x TORO THE BULL 16 shot blue green and red with crackle

1 x 140 SHOT CANDLE BARRAGE ejecting silver stars to around 70 feet

3 x STIKE FORCE wonderful new style and effects with great performance

1 x 25mm RED COMET CANDLES 8 shot red soaring fireballs

1 x MISSILE ATTACK 150 shots of whistling surface to air missiles

2 x DISCOVERY ROCKETS impressive shell burst rockets

1 x 56 shot FLASHING THUNDER air bomb barrage

1 x Kug Fu Frog 25 shot Green Crysanthemum burst to reports

1 x THUNDER DEVIL 25 shot white strobing star to huge report

2 x EXPLORER ROCKETS huge bursts of colour effects 49" high 10" head





Listed in firing order







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